Saturday, September 4, 2010

To New Yorker readers

A repost, from the usually laconic* Glenn Reynolds (I liked the whole thing, plus I'm trying to drive some traffic his way):
ILYA SOMIN: Errors In Jane Mayer’s New Yorker Article Attacking the Kochs.
The thing to understand is, this article isn’t about the Kochs at all. It’s about preparing a narrative for the New Yorker’s readers about why Obama has failed. It’s not because they were rubes who voted for an underprepared, under-skilled candidate who then proceeded to alienate the electorate. It’s because Obama was beaten by a right-wing billionaires’ conspiracy so vast as to defy understanding. That’s all. Relax, New Yorker readers. No need to feel bad about yourself for being overwhelmed with hope-and-change fever and voting stupidly. It’s not your fault. It never is!
Heh, as some people say. (Here's my earlier take on the same hit piece, this one referencing Reason's "Hit & Run".)

* in any one post.

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