Thursday, June 24, 2010

Even T. Coddington is having 2nd thoughts about Obama now

Having linked to David Brooks two posts in a row lately, I thought I should look in on that most iconic "Intellectual Conservative At-Large", T. Coddington Van Vorhees VII (ICA-Ls can sometimes be a bit flinty about equality when it comes to attention). At first, everything seems fine:
Summer once again tiptoes in on crepe soles to the eastern extremities of Long Island; affording, as is its wont, fresh opportunities to enjoy the providence of nature and the financial acumen of one's forebears.
But clouds seem to be gathering:
Each day seems to introduce some new crisis on the world scene with hints of more to come, and one is left to wonder if even our elegant young President's oratorical and tonsorial gifts are equal to the challenges ahead.
I was visited by one such harbinger last weekend, in the form of a 80-meter Ferretti motoryacht, as I was hosting my weekly confabulation of like-minded conservative thinkers at the old family Montauk estate. Dame Peggy Noonan was there as always, along with the vivacious Kathleen Parker and those two mighty Davids of conservative intellect, Frum and Brooks.
Alas, poor Barack. We know he's already lost Dame Peggy, though not yet sure about the two mighty Davids. But if you lose T. Coddington, well....

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