Friday, June 25, 2010

Republican metamorphosis?

And now, after bring up David Brooks (one of the "two mighty Davids of conservative intellect") a couple of times, as well as the inimitable T. Coddington Van Vorhees VII, it's time to mention a rising alternative in that neck of the woods (so to speak) -- what Doctor Zero of Hot Air's "Green Room" calls the "yeoman wing" of the Republican Party:
The other Republican party is young and vital. On the 2008 ticket, its banner was carried by Sarah Palin. It’s the yeoman wing of the party, composed of people with middle-class backgrounds and real-world business experience. These people are appalled at the bloated mess in Washington, and the smaller but equally fatal tumors infecting many state capitols. They see a government speeding toward systemic collapse, its doom spelled out in the simple math of unsustainable entitlements and economy-crushing taxation.
The interesting thing is how many non-Republicans -- independents and even some Democrats -- are similarly appalled and energized to do something about it, finally. Further evidence that political space needs more than one dimension.

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