Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two tales of a city

Desaib Mi, MSMedia reporter:
The violence that many predicted from the right-wing Tea Party movement finally manifested itself in full force at the site of the G8/G20 summit over the weekend, as cars were burned, stores smashed, rocks hurled by masked, black-clad Tea Party thugs. One bystander observed, "it's but a short step from carrying hate-filled signs mocking the President, who's African-American, to inciting a revolution in the streets." Many were  calling for sweeping arrests and --
What? They're not Tea Party? Are you sure?

Oh. Okay, right. Sorry. Let me try again:
The site of the G8/G20 summit was the scene of another police-state overreaction as mainly peaceful protesters tried to make a forceful, democratic case that the leaders of nations should not be allowed to meet in person. A "heavy, heavy police presence" and other security arrangements were said by many to have been highly provocative, and may have led to some possibly accidental forms of expression, such as a burning police car, or a broken window. Spokesmen for the protesters claimed that in fact the police burned their own car in an attempt to ....

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